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Open 6 days a week - closed Mondays

    • To cater for the high demand for dine-ins on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all bookings on these days have a 1.5 hour seating limit.
    • Longer seating times are available on the weekends from 7:45pm onwards, alternatively, we would love to host you from Tuesday - Thursday with no set limits to your stay with us (special events and days such as Valentine's day, public holidays excepted).
    • We provide a 15 minute grace period and one attempt to contact you if you are running late to your booking after which we reserve the right to give your table away if needed.
    • The 1.5 hour seating time starts from the time of your booking, no extensions to the seating limit can be made due to late arrivals as our tables are rebooked at 1.5 hour intervals.
    • We do not take table seating preferences on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A table will be allocated according to the time and availability on the night.

    Thank you for cooperating with us. We look forward to serving you our food, which we take immense pride in and we hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do!