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Spend some quality time with your families @ Chapati House2.

About Chapati House 2

The year 1986 witnessed the launch of ‘Chapati House 2’, a collaborative effort by Ranjit Singh Rawat and Jeswant Kaur. Based at Hawker’s Corner on West Tce, the duo joined hands combining their blood, sweat, and tears in creating every part of the place.

One of the former founding members, Mr. Ranjit Singh Rawat, comes from a humble background and family. Having his career started from scraps in a small village town named Gadhwal, Uttar Pradesh, and Mr. Ranjit found his passion for cooking in Mumbai. He soon joined a catering college that helped him feed his ignited passion for curating delectable dishes.

His never-ending enthusiasm and dedication soon landed him at one of the top hotels, the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. But this was just the start of his career. From there he built himself even stronger and finally ended up opening the “Chapati House 2” in 2001.

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